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Department of Skin & Venereal Disease

Skin and VD

Dermatology is the branch of medicine dealing with the skin and its diseases with unique speciality with both medical and surgical aspects. A dermatologist takes care of diseases, in the wide range of skin and venereal diseases and cosmetic problems of the skin, scalp, hair, and nails.

State-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology are used at out hospital for all surgical procedures. There is also full fledged cosmetology unit where specialized treatments for pigmentation, acne, wrinkles, diode laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, sutureless ear lobe repair etc are done.

The department is specially designed for enhancing patient’s skin texture and boosting their confidence.

Alliance hospital is well equipped with all the latest instruments for Dermatosurgery such as :

  • Acne treatment for both active acne and acne scar marks.
  • Cryoslush (treatment with solid CO2), Cryoller, Subcission and grafting for acne scars.
  • Cryosurgery (with liquid Nitrogen) and Intra Lesional injections for keloids.
  • Vitligo surgery for white patches by tattooing, grafting and melanocyte transfer.
  • Radiocautery for removal of growths (warts, skin tags, tumours etc)
  • Hair transplantation.
  • Phenolisation (for non surgical destruction of growths and hair loss).
  • Biopsies of skin, scalp or mucosa for diagnostic purposes.
  • C02 laser ablation for tumors, fullface scars etc.
  • Ear lobe repair.
  • Chemical peeling for pigmentation, blemishes and post acne marks.
  • Nail surgeries.
  • Phenolisation for vitiligo and for patchy hair loss (Alopecia Areata).
  • Full face dermabrasion for removal of deep Acne scars.

Services Offered :

  • Treatment for pigmentation, dry skin problems, wrinkles etc.
  • Botox injection for wrinkles
  • Skin fillers for facial contouring and wrinkle
  • Treatment for hair loss
  • Punch grafting for vitiligo
  • Molluscum extraction
  • Cutaneous infections including abscess drainage
  • Treatment for plantar corns
  • Special treatment for acne and scarring
  • Treatment for Keloids
  • Skin biopsy- Skin clipping
  • Chemical cautery
  • Intra Lesional injection
  • Electro cauterization
  • Cryo therapy, Minor surgical procedures like removal of moles, warts etc.
  • Venereology : Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases

Treatments offered :

  • Acne Treatment Lasers
  • C02 Skin Resurfacing Laser Systems
  • Chemical Peels
  • Glycolic Acid Peels
  • Lactic Acid Peels
  • Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA) Peel
  • Hair Removal Lasers
  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Systems
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Phototherapy Systems
  • Pigment Lesion Removal Lasers
  • Skin Resurfacing Lasers
  • Skin Tightening Systems
  • Vascular Lesion Removal Lasers
Panel of Doctors:
  • Dr. Dangare Mahendra (DVD)