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Department of Dentistry


Dental awareness is still a neglected subject in our region. Dental hygiene is very important for maintenance of overall well being of each and every human being. Oral health is strongly linked with the cardiac disease like Endocarditis and can be a complicating factor in uncontrolled diabetics and hypertensive

The Dentistry Department of Alliance Hospital comprises a panel of diligent and experienced doctors who have worked in this unique field where dentistry & medicine corresponds for treatment of facial injury and traumatic dental conditions.

In case of injuries of the facial bones and teeth, we have all the necessary set up and team of expert doctors at emergency basis. Facial bone injuries include soft tissue injuries, fractures of the maxilla, mandible, nasal bones, temporomandibular joint trauma, frontal & maxillary sinuses etc. which can be treated here.

Such cases along with pathological conditions like cysts & tumors of the jaw, facial spaces infections, congenital are skillfully treated at our hospital.

We also arrange free dental check-up camps which helps the people to detect the dental problems at the earliest, so that we eliminate them before they become severe. As per saying ‘Prevention is better than cure’, we prevent, diagnose and treat the diseases and irregularities involving the teeth, gums and other tissues of the mouth. Because your ‘Happy Smile’ is much more for us than money.

We offer the below mentioned sub specialties at our Hospital with specialized dental care.

Services Offered :

  • Implants
  • Endodontic (Root canal treatment)
  • Veneers & Laminates
  • Teeth whitening (Bleaching)
  • Crown and bridges
  • Surgical and non-surgical extractions
  • Pediatric dental procedures
  • Fluoridation
  • Restorative procedures (Fillings)
  • Dental prophylaxis (Cleaning and Polishing)
  • Complete and partial dentures
  • Cosmetic Treatments
  • Dental Jewellery
  • Bite guards
Panel of Doctors:
  • Dr. Mrs. Kulkarni Kirti (BOS)
  • Dr. Mrs. Patil Sanjana (BOS)